About us

Information Design is a travel technology company which has been creating travel industry software since 1986. We specialise in the automation of airline GDS  processes, and their integration into third party systems.

Our team of specialists combines technical expertise with real-world travel industry experience. This combination gives us the unique ability to offer in-depth knowledge of CRS's, airfares and ticketing, travel industry operations and technical know-how.

We know how the travel industry works. We provide for the real needs of an industry where the only constant is change itself. 

We provide robotic ticketing tools to give you the ability to provide a touch free 24/7 automated ticketing and management service to your clients.

We provide a 24/7 backup service for clients to troubleshoot any problems.

Contact us on +61 (0)2 8542 8028 to discuss how Information Design can improve the technical performance and profitability of your organisation.

Key milestones

  • 1984 Information design incorporated as a proprietary company
  • 1990 Loading of Concorde Nett fares to Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus
  • 1992 Import of PNR data to Concorde‚Äôs accounting system (CAT).
  • 1996 Loading of air tariff data to multi CRS hosts for Qantas
  • 1997 Distributing Consolidated Travel fares to multi CRS hosts (Quickfares)
  • 1998 TIAS EasiCom interface for Gullivers, Go Holidays, and Passport Holidays.
  • 2000 Robotic ticketing for Consolidated Travel
  • 2002 Robotic ticketing at Travelscene American Express
  • 2003 Capture of Web based Jetstar and Virgin bookings to back office systems
  • 2004 Robotic ticketing of Sabre NETT fares (TAXI)
  • 2005 Integration of CRS connection into Tourplan system (NZ)
  • 2006 Preferred supplier of robotic ticketing service to Galileo Southern Cross
  • 2007 Robotic Ticketing for TravelEdge
  • 2009 Automation of Hotel Chargeback in Tramada
  • 2010 Robotic Ticketing for Atlantic Pacific American Express (NZ)
  • 2011 Robotic Ticketing for Corporate Travel Management (CTM)
  • 2013 Robotic Ticketing for Concierge, Travel Together
  • 2014 Robotic Ticketing for Spencer, CT Connections, Goldman, Sanford

Current clients

  • Atlantic Pacific American Express (APX)
  • TravelEdge
  • Corporate Travel Management (CTM)
  • Concierge Travel Group
  • Sandford International Travel
  • Travel Together
  • Spencer Travel
  • CT Connections
  • Goldman Travel